Club Volunteer Training Grant 2021

Club Volunteer Training Grant 2021

Sports Active Wexford wish to announce the Volunteer training grant for clubs and is aimed at increasing the volunteer base of organisations and providing training for existing and new volunteers.
This Grant Scheme aims:
• to increase participation in Physical Activity and Sport
• to improve the management and administration of clubs
• to develop youth structures in clubs/organisations by providing sport and physical activity opportunities

Sports Active Wexford will provide some financial resources to assist in the achievement of these objectives in meeting its own strategic aims.
The key outcome is to provide support for clubs and organisations to provide a long-term commitment for the development of sport in their Community.
2. Funding:
Maximum funding of up to €500 per Club/Organisation of which Sports Active Wexford will fund 50% of the course costs and the Club/Organisation must match fund. E.g. SAW Funding = €100 – Club Funding = €100
• Priority will be given to minority sports that do not have development officer support in the county.
• Priority will also be given to training /education initiatives which target increased participation by:
• women / girls,
• ethnic minorities,
• young people,
• Disadvantaged groups
• People with a disability
The funding will be open until 6th November 2020, depending on funds available.

3. Who is eligible to apply?
• Clubs/Organisations that are based in County Wexford.
• Clubs/Organisations that are affiliated to the National Governing body of appropriate agency (written confirmation is needed i.e. copy of affiliation document).
• Clubs/Organisations that operate as “not for profit” and is open to public membership.
• Clubs/Organisations that have a primary objective of sport or physically active recreation.
• Clubs/Organisations that have policies and practices that encourage participation regardless of gender, age, race or ability.
• Clubs/Organisations that operate under the basis of best practice for children in sport – a member of the club must have previously attended a Child Welfare & Protection Awareness Course – new clubs must commit to attending training within the coming year.

4. Who is not eligible to apply?
• Individuals
• National/regional/county governing bodies
• For profit groups/commercial organisations
• Private facility owners
• Statutory agencies
• Applicants eligible for funding under other schemes will not be considered E.g. Go for Life, The Sports Capital Programme etc.

5. Ineligible Costs:
• Annual operation costs such as insurance, registration, affiliation fees, travel, accommodation etc.
• Generic courses that are provided by Sports Active Wexford e.g. Code of Ethics.
• Courses outside the Island of Ireland
• Sport related courses delivered by bodies not recognised under the National Coaching Development Programme (Coaching Ireland) or by the National Governing Bodies of Sport .
• Generic sports courses delivered by a non-recognised agency
• Applications eligible for funding under other schemes will not be considered e.g. Go for Life etc.
• First Aid Training or defibrillator training.

6. Submission of applications to Sports Active Wexford
Please submit the following information with your application:
• Written evidence that your Club/Organisation is affiliated to an NGB.
• Child Protection information

Payment of Club Training Grant
If your application is successful payment of Grant in respect of approved training will be paid on completion of the authorised training and all criteria received.
If the training is not carried out and the grant is not claimed before the first Friday in November, the grant offer will be withdrawn
• Evidence of expenditure e.g. receipts/invoices for the amount of the grant, made out in the name of your Club/Organisation. Please note receipts/invoices made out to individuals instead of Clubs/Organisations named on the application form will not be accepted as evidence of expenditure.
• Evidence of your recognition of Sports Active Wexford’s financial contribution to your club e.g. local newspaper articles, advertisements, social media platforms reports, promotional material etc.
A progress evaluation report will be requested from successful Clubs and Organisations.
Sports Active Wexford can request audited accounts on the Club/Organisation‘s income and expenditure account.
Contact Telephone No. 053 9196557
Grant Application: Link

application link

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