Community Coaching

Community Coaching (Jobseekers Programme)

Community Coaching is for all who are aged 18+ with an interest in sports and are in receipt of a job seekers social welfare payment.

This programme is based on the successful elements of the previously piloted ‘Goal to Work’ programme which was developed by Leitrim and Mayo LSPs. Several other LSPs have run similar programmes and these LSPs have been involved in the consultation process to help design the programme.

Programme Focus:

The programme is focused on successfully assisting unemployed people to gain employment, coaching, volunteering and further education opportunities in the sports sector, for example, as coaches, referees, physical activity leaders etc. It provides the participants with practical and theoretical sport-related skills and help them find relevant work experience in their local community. It also contributes to the promotion of both physical and mental health amongst participants and in the community through the subsequent employment and/or volunteering work carried out by participants.


Delivery of specialised training and education courses for jobseekers.


  • Assist unemployed people to become qualified as coaches, referees, physical activity leaders etc.
  • Improve the participants’ job prospects within the sports industry.
  • Motivate participants to pursue the progression routes which have been identified as part of the programme (employment, coaching, volunteering, further education, etc).
  • Promotion of positive mental health through participation in sport; both for the participants themselves and in the communities in which they are based.
  • Provision of coaching in disability, school, community and youth club settings.

Provision of coaching in sports where there are no full-time development officers.

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Delivery of Programme

The Programme delivers through the following strands:

Strand 1  –  Job Readiness Skills Development (includes Business Development)

Course focusing on CV writing, job seeking skills, IT skills, office skills, telephone skills, etc.

Strand 2  –  Personal Development

Courses supporting the trainees to identify individual progression routes in terms of employment/self-employment, further education and training, coaching and volunteering, etc. Other aspects of personal development including confidence-building, leadership and language skills etc.

Strand 3  –  Sports Coaching Training

The majority of coaching awards should be offered in sports where there are no full-time development officers within the county (local needs should be taken into account when choosing sports). The course can also include intros / tasters etc.

Strand 4  –  Physical Activity Training

Range of courses to be offered including for example Active Leadership Award, Child Protection Course, Disability Awareness Training, Occupational First Aid Certificate, Walking Leader, Fit4 Life, Go for Life PALs, etc.

Strand 5  –  Job Placement Experience

A job placement programme (unpaid) must be incorporated into the course structure. The LSP can decide how to build in the work experience element. NGBs, LSPs, clubs, schools, community centres, etc can provide work experience opportunities to the participants on the course.



Community Coaching 2015/ 2016

Wexford Launch - Community Coach Programme

Launch of the Community Coach Programme.










The programme was recently launched at Wexford Park Wexford Park GAA.

Training Programme

This is a 14 week training programme  (2-3 days per week) developed through Sport Ireland (Irish Sports Council) to give the opportunity to candidates to experience a variety of sporting activities with the aim of developing specialised coaching skills such as those listed below:

  • Rugby,
  • Soccer,
  • GAA,
  • Outdoor Adventurous Activities,
  • Cycling,
  • ……. and many more!

For more information and learn how you can participate in Community Coaching:

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